Political satire: Don’t take it seriously

 ~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

Have anyone ever paid close attention on how South Sudan politics trends on social media? Well, the South Sudan politics these days looks wierdo. It’s gone to the level in which unity would be difficult to achieve as we’re politically divided. And this has led to having political grouping, in which they go after each other on social media. But some groups aren’t after any group, but love their country. And here’s political grouping:

The JACK & JAN-acronym of ( Jok Madut JokAjak Deng Chiengkou, Chol Biargutamuor and Kuir Ë Garang & Jacob Jiel Akol, Angeth Acol De Dut and Ngong Aluang, Jon Pen). These are groups anyone who loves South Sudan could associate with. They had country in their hearts unlike the rest. They can tell one the truths in black and white, whether one likes it or not. They criticized President Kiir most of the times based his failure of governing of the nation. What they want is a stable peaceful South Sudan where everyone would walk freely as citizen of the nation and not A Nuer or Dinka or any of the other tribes. They’ve nothing personal against President, but the way Kiir led the nation down is their problem. They try their best to detribalize South Sudanese warmongers online by educating them on how to be patriots and not “pay-to-riots.”

The next one is the KADD ( Kuer Garang ManyokAnok Nyan de GabrielDeng Lueth Mayom Ayiik and Dut-machine de Mabior) are intellectually abrasive. They recited politics daily like KADDISH-a jewish prayer recited daily as a ritual. This group is intellectually and politically spicy, and can spray a pepper in one’s eyes if one dares to touch any member of the PMONG(Pagan, Majak, Oyai, Nyandeng and Gier). They can intellectually murder one if one dares to say something against PMONG or PMOND (Pagan, Majak, Oyai, Nyandeng and Deng Alor). They think PMONG/PMOND are the ‘angels’ of South Sudan due to their stance against the war. They look at PMONG/PMOND as politically fit in which they think the next President of South Sudan is among them. They walk online with a baseball bat and a pen in their hands to ‘politically lynch’ and one who think Kiir or Riek should remain in power.

And this is where the MAD (Madut Anyar, Awur Valentino and Deng Bol, chairman of Red army) group comes in.This group is unable to think in clear and a sensible way. The MAD believes that Kiir Mayardit is the most charismatic leader that should stay in power forever. The MAD are corrosive and hot-tempered that can take even a bullet if one touches their ‘disciples,’ KANA or KWAK ( Kiir Mayar, Akol Khor, Nhial Deng and Awur Deng Achuil). They usually go after members of PMONG and this is whereby the BACK (Beth Maketh, Amer Mayen, Chol Lual and Kuer Mabior) comes in especially when one touches their ‘dear mama,’ Nyandeng de Mabior. The BACK are the rear part of KADD, back up by KWAMA & PALM ( Kuer Garang, William Deng, Maruon Ayii and Ajang Grang & Pageer Ajang, Awuol Deng, Lwal Baguot and Maketh Akok ). This group would bury one politically if one jumps into political debate without washing his/her feet. The PALM, however aren’t staunch supporters of PMONG, but would contribute if they want to.

Interestingly, when debate becomes spicy, the group that jumps in when one of their beloved leader of RAM (Riek, Angelina and Mabior) is touched is JAR (Jesus Deng Madingchuai, Alier Ateny and Reat Nhial). The JAR is very harsh and unpleasant to anyone who speaks against RAM. This group wants Kiir to step down and had RAM takes over, but it’s impossible. And to them, no one else they see fit to rescue South Sudan in this crisis than RAM. However, the JAG OR JAB ( John Garang, Ateny Wek and Gordon Buay/Buay Malek) thinks of JAR as weeds and when to spray insecticides to kill them. The JAG/JAB quickly and suddenly injects their venom arrogantly against PMONG/PMOND. They think they are ‘watchdog’ of South Sudan. They can’t stand RAM, PMONG, M& T and LAB-a lone political wolf that have a few supportive members online.

And the last group that aren’t engaged in this madding though sometimes they’re here and there is GANG & TANK ( Garang Aher, Abraham Awuolich, Nhial Tiitmamer and Garang Majok & Ting Mayai, Akech Thiong, Nhial Majak and Kuol Awan. These group tried to be neutral in this crisis. The don’t want to be associated to any of the groups above. They play cool like like BAD acronym of (Bul Thuch, Akol Aguek, and David Hoth/Biar Ajak, Adhieu Ngoth Chol and Deng Riak). And some of these groups are only concerns with the success of their works at EAL and SUDD. They look at themselves as the next leaders of South Sudan and don’t want to be associated to “bad politicians” who destroyed South Sudan. They are playing their “political chess” well, not to be cornered.

And more will come later…

Take this political satire seriously at your own risk!


Taban Deng Gai: A Chameleon politician in South Sudan

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~



The Dinka’s regime of Kiir Mayardit can’t be dealt with while outside Juba. If we want to defeat Kiir and co-, then, let’s go back to Juba, and deal with Paul Malong Awan and Michael Makuei Lueth, his strongest men in the government.” Taban Deng Gai, 2015 anonymous source.


Taban Deng Gai, the eccentric and cunning politician in South Sudan, astoundingly kept his promise of, “Dinka’s regime can’t be dealt with while outside Juba.” He’s surely the only politician that keeps his words, whether they’re good or bad. And, Dr. Garang de Mabior once said, “If I have had many Tabans in the movement, I would’ve defeated the Khartoum regime long time ago.” Dr. Garang, in fact, was very much oblivious of Taban’s dirty works when he was a camp manager in Itang. He’d studied the man really well, and knew what Taban was capable of, and what he’s not; he knew what kind of animal the man was before he parted ways, and joined Dr. Riek’s camp in 1991-2002. In a nutshell, one’s to keep him employed at the lucrative job, otherwise he’ll throw you under the bus if he remained unemployed. And that’s exactly what he did in 2013 when Kiir mistakenly ripped of governorship of Unity state. Once he was removed as a governor, he came to Juba, in which he lobbied, and mobilized the Nuer army generals, and pushed Dr. Riek to rebel when he was fired as the Vice President. He allied with Dr. Riek when he became unemployed. Many evidences are available of Taban involvement in December 15, 2013 war.

And in July, 2016, after the SPLM-IO leaders returned to Juba, ministers positions allocated, and wasn’t given oil and petroleum position, a lucrative position he was looking for, he collaborated with the SPLM-IG, overthrew his boss, Dr. Riek Machar controversially in which he later on claimed, “I was in my hotel, and didn’t know there was a fighting that took place at J1; I’d no idea until someone phoned me the next day that fighting had actually occurred at J1 between Kiir’s and Dr. Riek’s bodyguards. A made up weird story that could even wake up Jesus of Nazareth from his grave.

A few days later, he was sworn in as the First Vice President, replacing Dr. Riek Machar. You see now? If he didn’t know what happened, how did he be become quickly sworn in as the FVP? A month in the office as the FVP, he silenced the IO’s mouthpieces in which they were rounded up in foreign lands, repatriated to Juba, and put in prison at Juba’s blue house. Mr. Taban, then went on a foreign mission in which he lobbied to park Dr. Riek Machar like a “car’ in South Africa, a moved agreed by IGAD, AU and international community, thinking that it’ll stop the war in the country, but it didn’t. As of now, Dr. Riek’s followers are left bewildered like sheep without a shepherd to lead them into the grazing field. They’d been wondering, should they surrender to Taban’s camp, the man they believed had betrayed, and hijacked their boss leadership or,  hope that, Dr. Riek’ll magically eclipse out of South Africa, and take back leadership from the ‘evil man’ as they called him? It’s misery that needs fetishes to solve!

As a strong man, who inserted  himself into the SPLM-IO leadership, he recently toured Jonglei state, and the neighboring states, something Kiir Mayardit had never done since 2013, though his army controlled much of the areas. In areas affected by war, he’d been welcomed like hero, a ‘prodigal’ son, as if he was not part of what destroyed those areas. Besides, he’d been claimed by Jubians as the only ‘a tiny window’ everyone is breathing right now in South Sudan.” “The little peace the country is enjoying is because of FVP, Taban Deng Gai,” they quoth. But, they haven’t understood the man’s goal yet: a thirst for Presidency to loot more.

As he promised in 2015, to go after Malong & Makuei, he eventually got rid of King Paul Malong Awan Anai and Telar Ring Deng out of Kiir Mayardit’s camp; the two gentlemen, who were the inner-circle of Kiir Mayardit on December 15-2015 during the difficult time. These men are now are in Nairobi, fighting for their political lives, something anyone had never imagined to happen, but it surely did. As we speak, there are rumors, swirling on the streets of Juba, and social media, that Michael Makuei, the government mouthpiece since 2013, has in fact, fall out of Kiir Mayardit’s camp as well.  However, the story hadn’t been confirmed yet. Makuei had not been seen lately updating the public of peace process going on in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as he used to. But it needs to be verified, whether Makuei had, in fact, fallen out of Kiir’s camp or not.

Moreover, Taban positioned himself as the only strong man in South Sudan political arena, both in the SPLM-IG & IO. Believe it or not, the man is now a ‘tick’ at Kiir Mayardit’s armpit. And there’s no way Kiir will get rid of him again. Because doing so, will be a nip in the bud of Kiir Mayardit presidency. Therefore, they’ll have to succumb together like a ‘tick and a cow.’ He sees himself as the only one to either replace Kiir or become the Vice President once their controversial Transition Government of National Unity (TGONU) ended.

But here’s an interesting part in the offing at Juba political arena between the SPLM-IG of Kiir and SPLM-IO of Taban. The former peace negotiator, Nhial Deng Nhial, a man who smartly played his game well since 2013, emerged as the strong candidate to replace Kiir sooner or later. However, it wouldn’t happen unless Nhial strikes a fair deal with his partner former SPLM-IO peace negotiator: Taban Deng Gai, the strong leader of the SPLM-IO right now. And the deal is, if Nhial emerged as the candidate at the ticket of SPLM-IG,  then Taban sees himself as the Vice President to Nhial, representing the SPLM-IO. Mr. Taban sees himself closer to being President of South Sudan than Dr. Riek’s wild dream, in which he’s now rotting in a government rented house in South Africa. One might say, this is just a mere conspiracy and will never happen. But it’s most likely if nothing comes out of peace being negotiated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As of now, Taban is paranoid with the revitalization of ARCISS in Ethiopia. He sees this as way to undermine his leadership, and isn’t happy about it. He doesn’t want any peace to be negotiated.  So, the war in the nation is far from over if Taban and Dr. Riek are still fighting of who should be the SPLM-IO leader. The war will be over only if Kiir, Dr. Riek and Taban are push out of the way, and the leadership restructured within the country. And this is the only way South Sudanese across the walks of life will enjoy peace in the nation.

A Nation where leaders sit idly without doing their jobs.

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

South Sudan becomes a nation on July 9, 2011, and we’re all happy to have a nation. We always feel proud that we’ve sovereign nation. However, many things still remained undone. And many of the thing still remained undone for example are:
1) The country isn’t still recognized in many parts of the world. For instance, if you say, “I’m a South Sudanese.” They’ll be like, “huh? What’s that?;
2) The country isn’t recognizable on the world’s Internet;
3) The Country doesn’t have postal office where one could mail a package to any city in South Sudan;
5) The currency can’t be exchanged into another Currency in many of the European countries;
6) The South Sudanese passport doesn’t allow you to travel in some of the Countries in Europe and Asia, because they’ve no idea of South Sudan;
7) If one goes into the Internet to fill out a form, one can only see Sudan, but not South Sudan
8) The Country isn’t entered into world Google map, so, there are no streets names;
9) The country isn’t demarcated so, Sudan still dominated our airspace.

But, the leadership in Juba continued to send unqualified ambassadors into the world that sit their butts in gigantic rented Offices; these unqualified buy first class tickets visiting relatives, but failed to sell the nation into the world. And when people talk of failed leadership, they’re are brutally killed for pointing facts. But one thing this leadership doesn’t know is that, to be diplomat isn’t the degree one has or closeness to the person. It’s how good one can be marketing something. SPLM and Lost boys were way better in selling their unborn nation in the dark days than now.

Thiɔɔ, ya piny ci thaar cuɔl ë cuut ka lë ke yïndë!

What’s the noise when villified people when Trump won presidency?

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

The Juba’s elites brought their village chiefs to Juba, to join the protests and demonstration for the arms embargo imposed on South Sudan government by the United States of America. Isn’t this the madness at it best? What exactly these chiefs understood of the arms embargo sanctioned on their govt? Imagine, these chiefs at the villages are the ones paying the brute of war because of proliferation of weapons in hands of youths, who ambushed and killed civilians within the country; the insecurity that dogged the nation is because the entire country is awash with lethal weapons. But these chiefs, joined the protests in favored of more guns without questioning their ‘dear leaders’ that misinformed them? What a mad nation we have right now!

Well, exactly a year ago, these Juba’s elites fervent diehard supporters grind me on Facebook when I said, ” Donald Trump will not bring anything to South Sudan’s table other than perpetual suffering of innocent people, because he’ll cut aides- an economic life lines of the refugees at neighboring countries, and IDPS within the country.” But these blinded supporters jibed me for making such a statement. In their arguments, they said, “Hillary Clinton would’ve been an extention of Obama administration, and Obama had been supporting rebels, trying to overthrow the ‘legitimate’ government. Therefore, our Country would be in a better hand with Donald Trump in the White House.” So, I swallowed whatever I said, and walked away.

And within a week, I saw an organized parade with a juxtaposed President Trump & Kiir Mayardit framed pictures being carried on the streets of Juba. The organizers, particularly red army foundation of Deng Bol were seen with jubilation and excitements on their faces, with the sign, “Thank you America for electing Donald J. Trump as the President of the United States of America!” The message was clear that Trump, a GOP candidate will support South Sudan government as President Bush did in 2005-2008. So, a Republican candidate was their choice.

And today, at the same city: Juba, South Sudan, the shouts were, “down, down U.S.A! Down, down Donald Trump; we’re a sovereign nation and no foreign nation should get involve at our own country’s affairs.” Can anyone believe this? What has gone wrong to their ‘messiah’ that they believed would rescue their ‘sovereign nation’ at the hands of rebels? This is an imperceptible in my mind! Well, I’m glad Donald Trump slapped them in the face. I hope next time they’ll learn by listening with real ears, but not the ‘bread ears.’ This is the sad reality happening in South Sudan right now!

Always appreciate the little you have

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

There are million/billion of people in the world, who go to beds with empty stomachs; worried of what their children will eat the next day; no roofs on their tops; no clothes to wear; no school for their children to go to; no electricity to warm them in unbearable cold weather; no means of transport to their intended destinations; no TV to watch movie/news; no jobs even if they’ve degree; nothing in their lives.

However, they appreciate God for the life He gave them; they appreciate Him to see the rising sun every morning; they appreciate Him to wake up in the morning & continue to thank Him with everything they have in their lives regardless of how small it is!

So, if you’ve a little of anything, always appreciate Him for the little you’ve been given, and be thankful for the opportunity you’ve ; be thankful to wake up everyday, breathing & kicking, because many remained unresponsive in the morning.

All in all, thanks Him in whatever way possible, because there’s always tomorrow if you’re down. No human remains pauper as long as he/she’s determined in his destiny!

Let’s removed tribal cataracts in our eyes


~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

On January 27, 1991, Super Bowl XXV, Tampa, Florida: Buffalo Bills vs. New York Giants, Scott Norwood missed a 47-yards field goal attempt in what would’ve been a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl wins against New York Giants. That field goal attempts, led to a common phrase in America as, “No good. Wide right.” It’s sportscaster Al Michaels’ description of kicker: Scott Norwood’s 47-yards missed field goal attempt at the end of Super Bowl.  Mr. Norwood was then replaced with Steve Christie, 1992  season, and that ended of his career. Buffalo Bills continued to make playoffs afterward, but not Super Bowl. And in 1999-2017, Buffalo Bills have not made a playoffs in 18 years, the longest playoffs drought in sports. The Bills’ fans have been dying for Bills to make a playoffs, but it never happened. Mr. Norwood’s missed field goal still hangover with Bills.  It would be a gift of life time if Buffalo Bills made a playoffs for the fans to have a moment of cheers on their faces, leave alone winning a Super Bowl.

On Saturday December 14, 2013 during National Liberation council (NLC) meeting, the President of the Republic of South Sudan: Salva Kiir Mayardit missed a ‘field goal’ attempt that would have united the SPLM/A. He fumbled at the last minutes of South Sudan ‘field goal’ attempt in what would’ve stirred the country in a right direction. In that meeting, the war song of, “it’s better to die sons of Junub…”  The war rhetoric speech of, “ what happened in 1991 wouldn’t happen again on my watch!” Instead of focusing on what bring the party together, Mr. Joshua missed opportunity that set the country into a dark day. And sadly, South Sudan will never be the same again! It will take decades to get back on her feet since the entire world lost trust on her leaders, who’re butchering their own citizens.

As we speak, the govt die-hard supporters across the globe (like Buffalo Bills fans disappointed by Norwood), finally began to realize that Mr. ‘Joshua’ a kicker, who missed a 6-yard field goal attempt- Not good. far left, that would’ve led South Sudan to promise land isn’t a real biblical Joshua that replaced a demise sharp kicker: ‘Moses’ (Dr. John Garang de Mabior). These diehards started to see things now on a two sides of a coin, not unusual one side coin. They’ve had began to learn & visualize South Sudan conflict (Kiir-Rike’s war) in hard way. Recently, they’ve started raving against lousy kicker, ‘Joshua’: Kiir Mayardit, and his administration. Also, the Kiiristians pay-triots have began to storm out of Juba as NISS began to kill young ‘intellectuals’ under the coded name of unknown gunman. Yaat, yuku be ping ne wuo nyin ku pal ku yith (we listen with our eyes and not ears!)

It wasn’t long time ago when we say, “Salva Kiir Mayardit might be a nice person, a charisma, but doesn’t know how to govern; he deputized Dr. Garang de Mabior for a very long time, yet he hadn’t learned anything from leadership standpoint; he doesn’t have qualities of leadership to bring South Sudanese under one umbrella; he’s sitting at the highest seat of the nation, but doesn’t know what he’s doing; the boat capsized, and is sinking  at his hands.” But sadly, our message was taken wrongly. It was believed that  we hate the man because of the region he halts from, but that wasn’t the case. It was purely love of the nation that we were speaking. But this is what his supporters have to say, “he’s the ‘liberator’ that should lead us no matter what.”  “He deserved to be president because he sacrificed his life, and fought for southerners to be free,” they quoth.  These diehard glorified and praised him as if he fought the war singlehandedly.

Therewithal, right  after December 15, 2013, we called upon the leaders (SPLM-IG & SPLM-IO) to stop the war immediately, and find a better ways to end this reckless war peacefully. We reiterated that, “War is a destruction of nation- human lives and properties; South Sudan belongs to all of us; it’s better to end our feuds peacefully without shedding bloods.” Again, those who called for peace, were termed us, ‘angaat,’ rebel ‘sympathizers.’ “The betrayers have no place in South Sudan! You’ve betrayed ‘our nation’ and the Dinka;  You’re weak, and have women’s hearts, stupid people with no brains,”  they say. SMGDH!

And early 2014, I had a heated debate with one of my good friend from Mading Aweil, in which he said, “You people of Bor are cowards and women; Dr. Riek destroyed your home twice: 1991 and 2013, yet you’re the ones calling for peace; what kind of human beings are you?” he questioned me. But truthfully, 1991, our sons: Kuol Manyang Juuk, George Athor Deng, Dr. Majak Agoot Atem with his army called Jesh Ahmer e Majak Agoot (mostly sons of Bor red army) stood tall, defending pan Bor in that conflict. I told him, “you can say whatever you want to say, but peace is the only solution to this problem.”  Also, I told him, “I’ve lost relatives on both wars; even my niece is still in Nuer up today in war of 1991.  But revengeful of an eye for an eye isn’t the way forward in building a nation.”  Our friendship ended on that day as he sees me as “enfeeble with woman’s heart’ in his eyes for not calling for a war against the man that destroyed my village twice.

But lately, I’ve seen the very people who ridiculed and mocked us, yelling at the top of their lungs, and crying against the rogue govt in Juba that we envisioned a few years ago, after the falls o Paul Malong Awan Anei. They’ve finally admitted that, “President Kiir Mayardit failed the nation and should quit.” Isn’t that amazing? Karma doesn’t play around. Congratulations, my fellow countrywomen and men! It seems we’re now all ‘cowards, feeble with women’s hearts and stupid people with no brains’ as we speak. And that’s good because women are amazing human beings; they nurtured and cared for the entire family in time of difficulties; without them, our lives is opaque. Therefore, I’m okay if someone categorically put me in their group. Now, we’ve realized that many people are being summarily killed for speaking out the truths in Juba. We’ve finally noticed that a mass number of people is displaced into Sudan (Malech Bashir), Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Dr. Congo. We unanimously see that the country is descending to hell. We harmoniously agreed that the rogues aren’t killing only Nuer anymore in Juba, but seeds of the nation.

In conclusion, we should rise up and say: enough is enough! This nation belongs to all of us: Poor and rich. We don’t have to wait like Buffalo Bills fans for another 18 years of playoffs drought. Let’s replaced Joshua with another person who might get us out of this terrible mess as Bills replaced Scott Norwood though they haven’t made a playoffs. Let’s removed a ‘tribal cataracts’ in our eyes, and see a better future South Sudan; a country cemented with precious blood of our heroes and heroines, but not a country where one would say, “I’m a Dinka, Nuer, Zande, shilluk…etc” and think as one people: South Sudanese. Together we can build this nation to be a better country than it’s currently is. Remember, leaders come and go, but the country remained the same!

No future in South Sudan with Kiir and Dr.Riek still in Power

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~


It inly torturing when one tries to conceptualize South Sudan in few years to come, with Kiir Mayardit still being the president, and Dr. Riek Machar as rebel in the bush. These two leaders’  man-made war impacted our lives in so many ways: both at home or abroad. And this made one to question: what else is left now the South Sudanese leaders haven’t tried yet? Since December 15, 2013 to this day,  the South Sudanese elites in Juba (Conglomerate of all tribes), have done everything they could ,to destroy our hard fought nation, a nation we all sacrificed our lives to be free from Khartoum’s oppression and Marginalization. These Juba’s elites whether in: SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO, SPLM-FD, SPLM-DC,  NSA and G1H, have chiefly done everything they could to, either ascend or remain in power by:

1)  Fabricating December 15, 2013 Coup attempt, and assertively forced it into the masses throats as the legit reason to kill and loot the country resources;

2) They’ve had fought a bloody war for the last four years, in which thousands and thousands of the citizens had perished in their hands, as if the dead would rise again; many citizens displaced into neighboring countries and are now starving in the shawty huts in the camps;

3) They’ve had persistently and obdurately accused the US, and western world with their own making war as if these western countries were present when they orchestrated their war in Juba;

4) They’ve had brought in the Uganda People Defense Forces (UPDF), that had killed citizens with no remorse, with banned weapons due to their own mistakes;

5) They’ve had negotiated the peace that didn’t last that long, and had publicly blamed the international community & IGAD, wherein the malignantly termed it as ‘bad peace’ as if there was a ‘good peace’ they presented to international community and IGAD, but was basically rejected;

6) They’ve had called for a ‘national dialogue’ but sadly, the national dialogue is stuck with no glimpse of hope as all the rebels denied to participate in this  one sided national dialogue;

7) They’ve had called for ‘national prayer’ day that brought in all faiths walk of life into the national capital, whereby all bishops, and Muslims clerics prayed for them and the nation, but nothing works to change their hearts and reunite the polarized country on tribal based;

8) They’ve had tried to reunify the SPLM/A party through Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, but nothing materialized due to their own personalities, in which no one amongst these elites, wants to give up his/her ego, and put the nation above their personal interests;

9) They’ve asked the East African leaders & international community to ‘park Dr. Riek Machar in South Africa like a car,’ but war never stopped as the rebels still insisted that only Dr. Riek is their main leader;

10) They’ve had fired the Gen. Chief of staffs: Paul Malong Awan as many accused him that, peace failed because of him; he was then, put under house arrest that led to standoff between him and the president, because of Malong’s strong supporters in the army;

11) And ultimately, they’ve had flew in the psychotic prophets: T. Joshua and Shepherd Bushiri to pray their sins away, and miracles to happen so workers in the nation, who’d not been paid for months and months so their salaries fall from the sky, a case we heard only Jesus did it to feed his followers. And so on and so forth!

All in all, there’s nothing that works in all the things they attempted to bring peace to South Sudanese. The situation keeps getting worst every day; war still raged; insecurity had gone to the abysmal; economy plummeted badly. President Kiir with his administration had work tirelessly by intermediating his opponents through government national security agents, assuming that everyone will surrender. The rebels and the exiled politicians have no trust in his administration and will continue to oppose him. Therefore, the only thing President needs to do as a ‘gift’ to South Sudanese is to come out publicly and said, “I’ll no longer be your president when 2018 comes.” And here’s what’ll do: 1) I’m asking the rebel leaders and exiled politicians to come to Juba under international community protection and negotiate in our soil of what we’ve to do to move our country forward; 2) I’ll hand over power to appointed transitional team that’ll organized the election to take place in 2019-2020 with him out of picture; 3) The SPLM as a party will have to choose their own flag bearer without my influence; 4) All the parties that want to contest for election should be free. And this will make the exile politicians happy and will heed the call to return to the nation and run if they want to run. Otherwise, this nation will have no peace for many years to come If Kiir and Dr. Riek continue with their games!