Employing Kin and Kith woun’t move South Sudan into Modernity

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

When Uber and Lyft were first launched in American cities, the exuberantly college students began to take the rideshares; continuously puked in the cars they were riding in; ran away, not aware that they were being tracked and charged for the messes they left behind. What was the motives behind messing the cars they were driven in? No one really knew! These high-spirited college students get drunk to max on weekends, do unimaginable things that bedeviled one. Could this be the reason public figures in the United States of America these days are having tough times (with #me too moment) when one’s past records are made public, or stories of raped surfaced? I believe so!  But, what’s very interesting is, these college kids had no clue that Uber/lyft had already figured ways to compensate drivers with damages caused to their cars and time lost by charging credit card used in the system. A great advantage of modern technology in the 21st century. Thus, embraced it, or you’ll be choked if technology isn’t your passion, whether in business, politics or any other thing. This medium of communication inadvertently changed way things were done in the past. A giant mean of reaching masses of people within a matter of a second and solved a problem as we’ve seen it’s used to dispose long time dictators, the Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, and Omar Hussein Al Bashir in February 2019.

For instance, a year ago when I started this part-time gig ( a job many South Sudanese nowadays do after war of 2013 made things worse in the nation, in which many are carrying lots of problems on their shoulders, in assisting displaced relatives in neighboring countries), I gave a ride to a group of young college kids on a Saturday, at a busy morning hours when they return home from the clubs. On the way to their home, I heard two girls, mumbling at the third row of the car. And all of a sudden, one of the girls barfed. I, then, inquired of what happened, but one girl responded, “ Nothing, just a hiccup.” I kept quiet and continued to drive. But the filthy as pigsty smell terrified me. When I came to a stop sign, they all opened the doors; got out as soon as quickly, and ran away. Flummoxed with this behavior, I, then, parked the car; grabbed my cell phone on a mounted windshield, opened the doors, and captured everything; tapped the Uber app, and sent the messes of pictures to the company. And since the car was messy, I left home for the night. In the morning when I woke up, the money had been deposited into my account. Uber made sure that I was compensated for time lost, and money for the clean up. Thus, I took a car for a clean up in the morning. And depending on the damages caused, the charges range in the amount of $150-$300. When these kids realized that they’re being charged with such an enormous amount of money, they no longer regurgitate in the cars. With their own solution, they sometimes come prepared with  plastic bags, or asked a driver to pull over when one isn’t feeling well. So, Uber and lyft have absolutely solved the problem though not entirely. This awesomely ameliorated the pains drivers where going through every night with this hustling side job.

Gen. Kiir Mayardit had been the president of the Republic of South Sudanese since August 2005 to present. Ever since, he verbally talked  and sympathized corrupted officials in his administration, but never done anything to quell it, nor had he done any research to end corruption. As president, billions of dollars—both from international donors and country’s oil money— disappeared on his watch into the pockets of a few elites, but no one has ever been indicted of corruption in South Sudan. Corruption, therefore, become an usual business of the day within the country. Interestingly, on his recent tour to Bahr El Ghazal region, however, it has been alleged to have said that, “the minister of road and transportation had lied to him of the constructed tarmac road.” (Not really sure of the accuracy of the story, but will take it at the moment.) And indeed, not a single paved road is visible in South Sudan other than Juba-Nimule road constructed by USAID; no better schools or a single modernized hospital in the country. Since the establishment of government in Juba until now, billions of dollars have been continuously churned to foreign countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan, either within the country, or from South Sudanese in Diaspora, and; the economy of these nations animatedly thrived well. As a result, the nation’s economy woefully dipped on her nose, because no money circulated within the country, but remittance to different countries by citizens and foreign workers.  Besides, rebellion had become a “lucrative business” to the army generals, in which the powerful generals rebelled against his government, but later on returned broke to the same government they rebelled against, and rewarded with positions and hotels accommodation in Juba. A bad precedent! This led to continuation of rebellion as it’s the only way to “get rich quicker” and live a luxurious life in the nation. Unfortunately, President Kiir still have no solutions in place, in solving this nagging issues that continued to sink the nation. President Kiir, however, continued to treat it like a “mosquito bites.” But when masses got mad at him, he doesn’t know why, especially the young and educated ones. Interestingly, he continued to lash out at South Sudanese in diaspora, (the scapegoat of all South Sudanese when they’ve their own problems back home as an instigators of war) for their continuous criticism to him and his failed administration.

Since August 2005, after taking the office as the First Vice President (FVP) at the demise of long time SPLM/A chairman and First Vice President of Sudan, Dr. John Garang de Mabior, Gen. Kiir Mayardit, then, surrounded himself with goody-goody, who don’t do professionally jobs, but in looting sphere of public resources to feed their “lazy and idle” army of tribesmen that play dominoes and chase, daily from sunrise to sunset, at government rented home in large numbers in Juba. These elites in his administration have their own interest of get “rich quicker”; bought  V8 vehicles with no deductible monthly on their paychecks; driven on a dirt roads. Ever since, they abused the government public money as if South Sudan is their private properties. They’ve had also become reckless oppressors to their own country men and women, forgetting that this was the reason they took up arms for. However, the illiterates in the villages, promised of better South Sudan during the north-south civil war struggle (who contributed immensely with their own cattle, sorghums and much more to feed the army) continued to ask, why SPLM/A isn’t building roads, schools and hospitals as she promised? Little did they know that the hotels accommodation, and V8 vehicles that gush dusts on their faces at the potholes roads, are, in fact, what consumed nation’s money. It’s true that millions of dollars come in monthly or yearly, but without budgeting and accountability, nothing will ever be accomplished in South Sudan. The nation’s money are being flushed into toilets through extravagant traveling abroad with no business government goals. These individuals have not had professional jobs in the past, but get the jobs through lobbying to president or president’s inner circle of friends. Sadly, they aren’t working for him to make him a better leader, and leave a good legacy in his honor, but siphoned money and stored them offshores to buy mansion in foreign lands as we’ve seen in “profiteers documentary and sentry points.” These elitists sucked “juicy stuffs” out of the  nation by staying in the hotels, paid for by government with her own money; traveled extravagantly to foreign countries and stayed in luxurious hotels were they basked in the sun at the beaches. The elites surrounded themselves with army of tribesmen as their bodyguards to be in government payrolls. And what do these elitists and army of tribesmen do? Nothing! They give jobs to nephews, cousins, nieces just to be on payrolls, but not to do professionally job for the betterment of themselves, and the nation, South Sudan.

As the government and opposition are ready to implement the R-ARCSS, President Kiir Mayardit this time, if in fact, he still remained in power which I believe he will  (a norm of African leaders staying in power until they die and son took over), should begin to employ people with working experiences of more than 10 years plus on the job, with one company, but not bunch of the job lobbyists, or unstable folks who stayed in the hotels with no a single family home built, and commute to work every morning. And how will he do it? Well, to employ someone as a minister, say: road and transportation, there’s to be mechanism to bet people based on work recommendations that, Mr. X or Z works with us for this period of time and is capable of delivering services required with a proof of a company they work for. Otherwise we can’t continue to say, no solutions to corruption in South Sudan when no one isn’t doing anything to end it en mass. President Kiir Mayardit walled up at J1 for years; traveled on designated roads that fooled him that tarmac roads are built in South Sudan when, in fact, they’re not. A leader always trusts his people, never afraids to mingle with them; travels constantly, either noticeably or secretly to have a first look of nation progresses. But, assuming things are being done without seeing with one’s own eyes isn’t a leadership and I’m very sure he’s shocked with what he have seen lately on his tour to Bahr El Ghazal region. Thus, solution to corruption isn’t about decreeing individuals, and recycle the very the same people to different positions. It’s about sticking to a goal with a dream of what one wants to leave behind for the next generation! President Kiir, therefore, needs to know that, there are many educated South Sudanese world wide; capable of doing professional jobs at various levels if they’re called to serve their nation. And these are individuals that would come up with ways to end corruption in the nation. It’s better to spend a lot of money on something to fix the problem(s) rather than going through the same cycle every year. President Kiir, also, should prioritize visitations to the areas occasionally, and see what’s being done and what’s not being done. I, instinctively believe that Kiir can fix things in South Sudan and leave a good legacy if he employed good hard working people, whose interests are betterment of South Sudan, where everyone will live happily with stable security. He could do that just like Uber and Lyft CEOS with their working men and women fixed what drivers were experiencing with riders. But, continued to leapfrog backward by employing kin and kith with no dream of moving South Sudan into modernity; folded hands and assumed things are going to be alright will not solve South Sudan’s problems.


The sad of reality of child abduction in Jonglei State by Murle’s criminals

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

The empty pride of Jieng in Jonglei state and Nuer in the neighboring states (Formerly known as Jonglei state), is some kind of an enigmatic that needs to be solved. Frankly speaking, I’ve never knew such an inane ego existed among my very own people! Honestly, this is just an ‘hollow gorge’ pride that doesn’t add values to the life of communities in general. In these states, for instance, the civilians back home are summarily killed, children abducted and assets of their life lines driven off by the neighboring community of Murle’s criminals for decades now. Yet, these communities have not come up with a model or solution(s) to end this en mass though they’ve vast majority of educated people. This nagging issue is taken as a “fart of a visitor.”But, one thing is very clear to Murle community: to destroy social fabric life of these communities—Jieeng and Nuer. And they’re succeeding!

However, when it comes to Jieeng vs. Nuer as we’ve seen in 1991, 2013 and many other incidents, they obstreperously roared at each other like lions and hyenas in the bush; ready to lych each other. A minor incident to these communities is like an explosive designated bomb. One incident triggered their nerves, and summarily killed each other in large numbers with no remorse. But, Murle Killing and abduction of children, is like a snake bite to them. The members of these communities abroad, on social media acted like football players and their fans in Europe and Africa (Arsenal vs. Liverpool or Manu vs Chelsea). They support their politicians like football players; they cheers them as if they’re cheering a player who scored a goal in the field. They’d become rivalries politically, practicing dirty politics daily on lives videos against one another. They don’t like to work together as groups, to find ways they could help to develop their nation and communities they belong. Their politics is a politics of hatred and reductionism.

But, when it comes to Murle- a tiny tribe that’s not even equivalent to their population- the civilians cried every year, mourning for their loved ones killed by Murle. They desperately civilians with no power to defend themselves at home, are left alone to fence off this primitive and intractable tribe, who survives on the life of their neighbors. When these poor civilians are attacked: people killed, children abducted and their assets driven off, they only appeared on social media as,” My condolences to deceased families; may their souls, R.I.P!” And within a few days, life resumed until the next incident happened. And the cycle goes.

Surprisingly, these tribes have many MPS in the parliament in Juba that sleep like ‘pigs’ in the mud with hands folded on their chests. And one wonders, what are they representing in parliament, cows or goats? If one goes to Juba, one sees these MPS busy playing chess, dominoes and attending wedding or funeral events that they talk like generators for hours. Yet, their talks isn’t bringing solutions to communities’ problems. And I always hear people say, “they advise people on wisdoms.” Wisdom my foot! If you’ve wisdom, put it on in godmann book, and people will read it on their spare times or next generation will find it, but come up solution that’ll fix the insecurity. However, when Murle strikes a village, they say, “The government will intervene.” Seriously? Where in the world a government helps one community, yet it’s a government for all communities including Murle? A government intervened when emotions are raised in parliament, and discussed. Then the government will come up with solutions, on what to do, to end this backwardness. But as long as these MPS are quiet, they government would assume they don’t care about their communities and won’t pay attention to it. Also, where in the world a government comes to one’s house, and says, “I’ll solve your problem without one pushing it hard to her nose?” Think again if you are one of the MP representing a community in parliament!

These MPS completely forgot what they were elected for, and represent in parliament in Juba. Someone out there should tell them that, you weren’t elected just to receive salaries to feed your potbelly, but to be voice of voiceless people. In Juba, they’re always busy like ants with politics of hatred among themselves, just to elbow one another out of politics and life is good. However, when it comes to security of their own people at villages, the put their heads in their armpits like “a cow digging for a tick stuck in her udder.” One sees them walking with canes from homes to offices as if they’re oldies,taking a walk at nursing homes at dawn. If you’re old and can’t function, then, leave the way for young who could deliver. When exactly are you all going to stand up for your own communities, at the graves? And to the diehard fans MPS on social media, stop your shenanigans, advise your MPs to come up with what could end this primitive and backwardness. This is a twenty-first century, a millennia to think intellectually, and find solutions to this primitive and backwardness way of robbing people with their properties and abducting someone’s else child. This thing needs to be ended!

Jailing of Peter Biar Ajak is Absurd!

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

After reading Peter Biar Ajak’s wife’s statement, shared on Facebook today, in which she was denied to see her husband, I, then, searched for his famous proposed package of “Generational Exit.” I’d been hearing about it, but never had a chance to watch it. And what a sad moment for her, not to see her husband! Honestly, what a great presentation! I may get arrested, too, for supporting it, if I ever stepped my foot in Juba!

And quite frankly, this was one of great intellectual mind presentation these leaders should’ve embraced, and looked forward to use in future, to retire generals, who’d fought for this nation since their childhood: Anya Nya I & II, than to be embittered about it. They’ve to know that they’ll not be in power forever. And frankly speaking, I mistakenly thought that these leaders have had looked at some African leaders such as Robert Mugabe, Mamuur Qaddafi, Mubarak that left their positions in an infamous ways, but sadly, they did not. Who would have thought that these powerful leaders would leave power disgracefully? But, apparently, they did! And this should’ve been a lesson learned by any witty Africa leader.

Having watch Biar Ajak’s “Generational Exit,” and how he has been jailed for it, I came to realize that, what we fought in South Sudan wasn’t freedom of expressions, oppression and marginalization, but individuals lucrative positions. Or if one ever existed, then, the whole idea is completely dead with Dr. John Garang de Mabior. It showed that Dr. Garang might have been the only leader who knew what he was fighting for, but the rest had no idea what they were fighting for. Therefore, we have to agree that, the individuals left in power would’ve not reached highest positions in the entire Sudan had the war not been fought. They probably would’ve not even got ‘chieftaincy’ at their villages to be honest. And that’s why they’re abusing powers entrusted to them by the citizens. They’re still in old days when they used to “firing squad” innocents, or taking “prettiest wives” of their subordinates.

Now, having reached they highest positions that they were looking for, they have turned around; practicing “Mohammedan’s draconian laws” they took up arms against; jailing citizens with no access to family members, court, or to charge them with the “alleged crimes” they’ve been accused of. They’re abusing intellectual citizens in whatever ways possible to consolidate their powers. They think that the intellectuals young people are thorns in their ways. So, they’ve to clear them out of their ways, either through jailing or taking them down by hiring hit tribesmen as, “unknown gunmen.”

So, Peter Biar Ajak’s detention isn’t the presentation he gave, but these comrades in arms are afraid of young “intellectual minds.” They are afraid that if what they used to falsely called, “tomorrow leaders” are encouraged to speak their minds, then they may loose their positions. They’re afraid of books and ‘new ideas’ that could change the nation for betterment. Their powers are gun and bullets an idea they acquired from Khartoum universities. And this is the reason why Biar Ajak’s and the rests’ minds are wasted in Blue house. It’s not the crime he allegedly committed, but are scared to death of young people who acquired knowledge in the western world & east African countries. They think that they may loose their looting spheres and families suffered. And this is why they don’t hired individual minded thinkers because if these highly educated are allowed into the system, they might dispose them from their positions. You either be mute or be a “Yes man” in their offices. And this is why many young intellectuals in Juba are silent to speak up. They don’t want to be killed, and left their young families behind.

We’ve been loosing well educated young people in Juba under the theme of: “Killed by unknown gunmen.” But these “unknown gunmen killers,” are probably known by these comrades in arms. They might be they ones that unleashed them, to terrorize highly intellectuals, to stay away from criticizing them of their failures. So, fellow countrymen/women, there’re hopes in these leaders. They’ve turned to “war mafias.” Imagine, they’ve been in power ever since, yet, they’re still not satiated. Nothing ever changed under their watches. They’ve looted as much as they could; their children have gone to prestigious schools in the world; their families are living in luxuries Manson in East Africa,yet, no sign to develop, or improve the security for average citizens to survive and live freely. And this comes to famous quote: “When they disagree, they killed us, and when they agree, they looted the nation to eat.” And this is the saddest part of South Sudanese elitists in Juba!

NB:To believe that you are not afraid of intellectuals, then, free Peter Biar Ajak!

Many commanders rebelled against the government, but they’re walking free; Why not Biar Ajak?

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

 Dr. Riek Machar disagreed with President Kiir, left Juba twice on foot in presence of heavily military, and came back to Juba after thousands of people in their wars died and many displaced. He is walking free man now. He never been jailed at Blue house.
– Taban Deng rebelled in 2013, and is now the FVP of South Sudan. He had not been jailed at Blue house.
– Daau Aturjok rebelled in 2013, but he is now head of one army division but never been jailed at blue house
– Telar Deng Ring disagreed with Kiir; criticized him while in Narobi, Kenya; returned to Juba a few months ago, but not been jailed at Blue house.
– Malong Awan disagreed with Kiir; he is now in Nairobi, Kenya, but never jailed at Blue house.
David Yau Yau rebelled against the government, came back and is now governor of Boma. He never been jailed at Blue house.
And many, many more that rebelled against the govt, and no one jailed them at blue house.

And now, Peter Biar Ajak, who’d not picked up a gun against the government; didn’t even kill a rat or mosquito, leaves alone human being. He is just an intellectual giant with many ideas that could help in building our nation, yet he has been jailed for expressing his idea of what he believed to be the best for this nation not to fight another war.

So, was blue house built to jail the soft intellectuals, and not warmongers? What crime Biar committed than the elites above who are walking free as if nothing ever happened?


Political satire: Don’t take it seriously

 ~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

Have anyone ever paid close attention on how South Sudan politics trends on social media? Well, the South Sudan politics these days looks wierdo. It’s gone to the level in which unity would be difficult to achieve as we’re politically divided. And this has led to having political grouping, in which they go after each other on social media. But some groups aren’t after any group, but love their country. And here’s political grouping:

The JACK & JAN-acronym of ( Jok Madut JokAjak Deng Chiengkou, Chol Biargutamuor and Kuir Ë Garang & Jacob Jiel Akol, Angeth Acol De Dut and Ngong Aluang, Jon Pen). These are groups anyone who loves South Sudan could associate with. They had country in their hearts unlike the rest. They can tell one the truths in black and white, whether one likes it or not. They criticized President Kiir most of the times based his failure of governing of the nation. What they want is a stable peaceful South Sudan where everyone would walk freely as citizen of the nation and not A Nuer or Dinka or any of the other tribes. They’ve nothing personal against President, but the way Kiir led the nation down is their problem. They try their best to detribalize South Sudanese warmongers online by educating them on how to be patriots and not “pay-to-riots.”

The next one is the KADD ( Kuer Garang ManyokAnok Nyan de GabrielDeng Lueth Mayom Ayiik and Dut-machine de Mabior) are intellectually abrasive. They recited politics daily like KADDISH-a jewish prayer recited daily as a ritual. This group is intellectually and politically spicy, and can spray a pepper in one’s eyes if one dares to touch any member of the PMONG(Pagan, Majak, Oyai, Nyandeng and Gier). They can intellectually murder one if one dares to say something against PMONG or PMOND (Pagan, Majak, Oyai, Nyandeng and Deng Alor). They think PMONG/PMOND are the ‘angels’ of South Sudan due to their stance against the war. They look at PMONG/PMOND as politically fit in which they think the next President of South Sudan is among them. They walk online with a baseball bat and a pen in their hands to ‘politically lynch’ and one who think Kiir or Riek should remain in power.

And this is where the MAD (Madut Anyar, Awur Valentino and Deng Bol, chairman of Red army) group comes in.This group is unable to think in clear and a sensible way. The MAD believes that Kiir Mayardit is the most charismatic leader that should stay in power forever. The MAD are corrosive and hot-tempered that can take even a bullet if one touches their ‘disciples,’ KANA or KWAK ( Kiir Mayar, Akol Khor, Nhial Deng and Awur Deng Achuil). They usually go after members of PMONG and this is whereby the BACK (Beth Maketh, Amer Mayen, Chol Lual and Kuer Mabior) comes in especially when one touches their ‘dear mama,’ Nyandeng de Mabior. The BACK are the rear part of KADD, back up by KWAMA & PALM ( Kuer Garang, William Deng, Maruon Ayii and Ajang Grang & Pageer Ajang, Awuol Deng, Lwal Baguot and Maketh Akok ). This group would bury one politically if one jumps into political debate without washing his/her feet. The PALM, however aren’t staunch supporters of PMONG, but would contribute if they want to.

Interestingly, when debate becomes spicy, the group that jumps in when one of their beloved leader of RAM (Riek, Angelina and Mabior) is touched is JAR (Jesus Deng Madingchuai, Alier Ateny and Reat Nhial). The JAR is very harsh and unpleasant to anyone who speaks against RAM. This group wants Kiir to step down and had RAM takes over, but it’s impossible. And to them, no one else they see fit to rescue South Sudan in this crisis than RAM. However, the JAG OR JAB ( John Garang, Ateny Wek and Gordon Buay/Buay Malek) thinks of JAR as weeds and when to spray insecticides to kill them. The JAG/JAB quickly and suddenly injects their venom arrogantly against PMONG/PMOND. They think they are ‘watchdog’ of South Sudan. They can’t stand RAM, PMONG, M& T and LAB-a lone political wolf that have a few supportive members online.

And the last group that aren’t engaged in this madding though sometimes they’re here and there is GANG & TANK ( Garang Aher, Abraham Awuolich, Nhial Tiitmamer and Garang Majok & Ting Mayai, Akech Thiong, Nhial Majak and Kuol Awan. These group tried to be neutral in this crisis. The don’t want to be associated to any of the groups above. They play cool like like BAD acronym of (Bul Thuch, Akol Aguek, and David Hoth/Biar Ajak, Adhieu Ngoth Chol and Deng Riak). And some of these groups are only concerns with the success of their works at EAL and SUDD. They look at themselves as the next leaders of South Sudan and don’t want to be associated to “bad politicians” who destroyed South Sudan. They are playing their “political chess” well, not to be cornered.

And more will come later…

Take this political satire seriously at your own risk!

Taban Deng Gai: A Chameleon politician in South Sudan

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~



The Dinka’s regime of Kiir Mayardit can’t be dealt with while outside Juba. If we want to defeat Kiir and co-, then, let’s go back to Juba, and deal with Paul Malong Awan and Michael Makuei Lueth, his strongest men in the government.” Taban Deng Gai, 2015 anonymous source.


Taban Deng Gai, the eccentric and cunning politician in South Sudan, astoundingly kept his promise of, “Dinka’s regime can’t be dealt with while outside Juba.” He’s surely the only politician that keeps his words, whether they’re good or bad. And, Dr. Garang de Mabior once said, “If I have had many Tabans in the movement, I would’ve defeated the Khartoum regime long time ago.” Dr. Garang, in fact, was very much oblivious of Taban’s dirty works when he was a camp manager in Itang. He’d studied the man really well, and knew what Taban was capable of, and what he’s not; he knew what kind of animal the man was before he parted ways, and joined Dr. Riek’s camp in 1991-2002. In a nutshell, one’s to keep him employed at the lucrative job, otherwise he’ll throw you under the bus if he remained unemployed. And that’s exactly what he did in 2013 when Kiir mistakenly ripped of governorship of Unity state. Once he was removed as a governor, he came to Juba, in which he lobbied, and mobilized the Nuer army generals, and pushed Dr. Riek to rebel when he was fired as the Vice President. He allied with Dr. Riek when he became unemployed. Many evidences are available of Taban involvement in December 15, 2013 war.

And in July, 2016, after the SPLM-IO leaders returned to Juba, ministers positions allocated, and wasn’t given oil and petroleum position, a lucrative position he was looking for, he collaborated with the SPLM-IG, overthrew his boss, Dr. Riek Machar controversially in which he later on claimed, “I was in my hotel, and didn’t know there was a fighting that took place at J1; I’d no idea until someone phoned me the next day that fighting had actually occurred at J1 between Kiir’s and Dr. Riek’s bodyguards. A made up weird story that could even wake up Jesus of Nazareth from his grave.

A few days later, he was sworn in as the First Vice President, replacing Dr. Riek Machar. You see now? If he didn’t know what happened, how did he be become quickly sworn in as the FVP? A month in the office as the FVP, he silenced the IO’s mouthpieces in which they were rounded up in foreign lands, repatriated to Juba, and put in prison at Juba’s blue house. Mr. Taban, then went on a foreign mission in which he lobbied to park Dr. Riek Machar like a “car’ in South Africa, a moved agreed by IGAD, AU and international community, thinking that it’ll stop the war in the country, but it didn’t. As of now, Dr. Riek’s followers are left bewildered like sheep without a shepherd to lead them into the grazing field. They’d been wondering, should they surrender to Taban’s camp, the man they believed had betrayed, and hijacked their boss leadership or,  hope that, Dr. Riek’ll magically eclipse out of South Africa, and take back leadership from the ‘evil man’ as they called him? It’s misery that needs fetishes to solve!

As a strong man, who inserted  himself into the SPLM-IO leadership, he recently toured Jonglei state, and the neighboring states, something Kiir Mayardit had never done since 2013, though his army controlled much of the areas. In areas affected by war, he’d been welcomed like hero, a ‘prodigal’ son, as if he was not part of what destroyed those areas. Besides, he’d been claimed by Jubians as the only ‘a tiny window’ everyone is breathing right now in South Sudan.” “The little peace the country is enjoying is because of FVP, Taban Deng Gai,” they quoth. But, they haven’t understood the man’s goal yet: a thirst for Presidency to loot more.

As he promised in 2015, to go after Malong & Makuei, he eventually got rid of King Paul Malong Awan Anai and Telar Ring Deng out of Kiir Mayardit’s camp; the two gentlemen, who were the inner-circle of Kiir Mayardit on December 15-2015 during the difficult time. These men are now are in Nairobi, fighting for their political lives, something anyone had never imagined to happen, but it surely did. As we speak, there are rumors, swirling on the streets of Juba, and social media, that Michael Makuei, the government mouthpiece since 2013, has in fact, fall out of Kiir Mayardit’s camp as well.  However, the story hadn’t been confirmed yet. Makuei had not been seen lately updating the public of peace process going on in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as he used to. But it needs to be verified, whether Makuei had, in fact, fallen out of Kiir’s camp or not.

Moreover, Taban positioned himself as the only strong man in South Sudan political arena, both in the SPLM-IG & IO. Believe it or not, the man is now a ‘tick’ at Kiir Mayardit’s armpit. And there’s no way Kiir will get rid of him again. Because doing so, will be a nip in the bud of Kiir Mayardit presidency. Therefore, they’ll have to succumb together like a ‘tick and a cow.’ He sees himself as the only one to either replace Kiir or become the Vice President once their controversial Transition Government of National Unity (TGONU) ended.

But here’s an interesting part in the offing at Juba political arena between the SPLM-IG of Kiir and SPLM-IO of Taban. The former peace negotiator, Nhial Deng Nhial, a man who smartly played his game well since 2013, emerged as the strong candidate to replace Kiir sooner or later. However, it wouldn’t happen unless Nhial strikes a fair deal with his partner former SPLM-IO peace negotiator: Taban Deng Gai, the strong leader of the SPLM-IO right now. And the deal is, if Nhial emerged as the candidate at the ticket of SPLM-IG,  then Taban sees himself as the Vice President to Nhial, representing the SPLM-IO. Mr. Taban sees himself closer to being President of South Sudan than Dr. Riek’s wild dream, in which he’s now rotting in a government rented house in South Africa. One might say, this is just a mere conspiracy and will never happen. But it’s most likely if nothing comes out of peace being negotiated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As of now, Taban is paranoid with the revitalization of ARCISS in Ethiopia. He sees this as way to undermine his leadership, and isn’t happy about it. He doesn’t want any peace to be negotiated.  So, the war in the nation is far from over if Taban and Dr. Riek are still fighting of who should be the SPLM-IO leader. The war will be over only if Kiir, Dr. Riek and Taban are push out of the way, and the leadership restructured within the country. And this is the only way South Sudanese across the walks of life will enjoy peace in the nation.

A Nation where leaders sit idly without doing their jobs.

~ Biar D’Chol Biar ~

South Sudan becomes a nation on July 9, 2011, and we’re all happy to have a nation. We always feel proud that we’ve sovereign nation. However, many things still remained undone. And many of the thing still remained undone for example are:
1) The country isn’t still recognized in many parts of the world. For instance, if you say, “I’m a South Sudanese.” They’ll be like, “huh? What’s that?;
2) The country isn’t recognizable on the world’s Internet;
3) The Country doesn’t have postal office where one could mail a package to any city in South Sudan;
5) The currency can’t be exchanged into another Currency in many of the European countries;
6) The South Sudanese passport doesn’t allow you to travel in some of the Countries in Europe and Asia, because they’ve no idea of South Sudan;
7) If one goes into the Internet to fill out a form, one can only see Sudan, but not South Sudan
8) The Country isn’t entered into world Google map, so, there are no streets names;
9) The country isn’t demarcated so, Sudan still dominated our airspace.

But, the leadership in Juba continued to send unqualified ambassadors into the world that sit their butts in gigantic rented Offices; these unqualified buy first class tickets visiting relatives, but failed to sell the nation into the world. And when people talk of failed leadership, they’re are brutally killed for pointing facts. But one thing this leadership doesn’t know is that, to be diplomat isn’t the degree one has or closeness to the person. It’s how good one can be marketing something. SPLM and Lost boys were way better in selling their unborn nation in the dark days than now.

Thiɔɔ, ya piny ci thaar cuɔl ë cuut ka lë ke yïndë!